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Sharing Your Model (External Link)
External Link / Sharing a Read Only Link of your model
External Link / Sharing a Read Only Link of your model

How to share an external read only link - how it works

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How to share a read only link aka External Link of your model:

  1. Log in to Sturppy

  2. Click the πŸš€ Project tab

  3. Copy the External Link from the External Link panel

How External Links work:

  • The External Link is a great asset used by Founders looking to share their model with potential investors, mentors, or consultants

  • The External Link data constantly stays in sync with any changes you make to your model

  • By default, your Base Scenario of your model is displayed first in External Links - Learn how to Manage Scenarios here.

  • By default, the πŸ“‹ Valuation and 🧠 Investor Prep tabs of your model are hidden from the External Link view

What Viewers See:

  • What is shown to a viewer depends on whether or not you've opted to unlock Custom Branding & Analytics for your account

What Viewers See when Customer Analytics is πŸ”“ UNLOCKED & Setup:

  • The screen will be branded with your Logo you've uploaded

  • By default users will be prompted to enter a Name and Email address

  • You the account owner will receive an email when a new visitor views your model

  • You'll also have access to analytics to understand how frequently individuals are viewing your model

  • Viewers will also have the ability to leave feedback for founders

What Viewers See when Customer Analytics is πŸ” LOCKED:

By default, if you have not unlocked Customer Analytics, you can still share an External Link of your model!

  • It will be branded as Sturppy

  • It won't capture visitor analytics

  • It won't allow for visitor feedback


  • Caution: Hitting the refresh button will cause the link to be regenerated. Anyone with the previous link will receive an error and will no longer be able to view the read only version of your model

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