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Exporting Your Model
Exporting model to .CSV / .XLSX format
Exporting model to .CSV / .XLSX format

How to export aspects or your entire model to a .csv / .xlsx format

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Just about everything in the entire platform can be exported to a spreadsheet's how to do it!

How to export your entire model to spreadsheet format (.CSV / .XLSX)

  1. Log in to Sturppy

  2. Click the πŸš€ Project tab

  3. At the top right you'll see a little cloud download button, when you hover over the icon you'll see it says "export model", go ahead and hit that and BOOM, your entire model has been export to a perfectly formatted spreadsheet

Export model button

How to export a single panel or graph to a spreadsheet format

  1. From within Sturppy navigate to the panel you'd like to export

  2. Hover over the graph with with your cursor until the (+) appears

  3. Hover over the (+) icon and click the download button

  4. From the download screen, click "Download Excel"

How to export a single statement to a spreadsheet format

  1. From within Sturppy, click πŸ“ˆ Statements

  2. Click the statement that you'd like to export to display the tabular view

  3. Click the cloud download button at the top right hand of the screen

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