In Sturppy, next to nearly every input field, you'll see a triple ellipsis button that looks like the one below πŸ‘‡

Clicking the triple ellipsis button will open the modifier window. Example below πŸ‘‡

You can use this modifier to grow or shrink a value.

The modifier window is comprised of 3 sections

  1. Formula section

  2. Monthly view section

  3. Notes section

#1 Using the Formula section (top section)

  • What is it? The formula section allows you shrink or grow a value by a percentage or fixed amount on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • You can also add upper and lower boundaries for a value

  • The modifier applies from portion will allow you to start the assumption at a date in the past or in the future

  • When is this used? Examples:

    • Growing organic traffic in an acquisition channel month over month

    • Increasing the price of a product or service every year

    • Increasing the conversion rate or click through rate over time

    • Increasing marketing spend over time

    • etc.

#2 Using the Monthly view section (middle section)

  • What is it? The monthly view section allows you to scroll and see how the input value is changing over time

  • You can also use the Monthly view section to manually override values

  • For example: let's say we want to enter in known RFPs for an acquisition assumption, we don't want this value to be formula / assumption we manually input the values below. In this example, we have 2 RFPs in Nov-22, so we enter a 2 in Nov-22 (below)

  • The cell in Nov-22 get's outlined in BLUE to represent that it's a manual entry.

  • By default, Sturppy will fill in the following months after Nov-22 with the same value as the entered value

  • You can override this by adding a 0 manually in Dec-22 like this πŸ‘‡

You can reset the monthly field by hitting the small "reset" button on the right side of the monthly view section...

#3 Using the Notes section (bottom section)

This is pretty self explanatory, it's just a notes field. Feel free to use it to add context to any input value fields! This is helpful if you have teammates or if you just want a place to document where a value was derived from for your own sanity sake! Example πŸ‘‡

Modify the displayed Units

You can also modify the displayed units of an input field by hitting the units button and selecting one from the drop down list. Example πŸ‘‡

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