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How to modify a value or input field
How to modify a value or input field

How to modify a field to grow it, shrink it, delay it, or change the unit

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There are two ways to edit/change inputs

How to add formula driven inputs

In Sturppy, open up the driver drawer panel, next to the assumptions there are always a triple ellipsis. Clicking the triple ellipsis button will open the modifier window. Example below 👇

You can use this modifier to grow or shrink a value.

The modifier window is comprised of 2 sections

  1. Modifier / formula section

  2. Notes section

#1 Using the Modifier / Formula section (top section)

  • What is it? The modifier section allows you shrink or grow a value by a percentage or fixed amount on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • You can also add upper and lower boundaries for a value

  • The modifier applies from portion will allow you to start the assumption at a date in the past or in the future

  • When is this used? Examples:

    • Growing organic traffic in an acquisition channel month over month

    • Increasing the price of a product or service every year

    • Increasing the conversion rate or click through rate over time

    • Increasing marketing spend over time

    • etc.


#2 Using the Notes section (bottom section)

This is pretty self explanatory, it's just a notes field. Feel free to use it to add context to any input value fields! This is helpful if you have teammates or if you just want a place to document where a value was derived from for your own sanity sake! Example 👇

How to add / use manual inputs

If you don't want to use formulas and want to use manual inputs instead, you can follow these steps:

Open the driver drawer panel, and instead of hitting the triple ellipsis, you can manually change the values next to the assumptions (example below)

You'll notice that when you use manual inputs, the cell in which you've entered a manual input will be outlined in blue to indicate there's a manual override occurring.

🚨IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use manual inputs, it overrides your ability to use formula driven inputs.

If you would like to use formula driven inputs, you click the triple ellipsis next to an assumption, and you notice that the modifier / formula driver is greyed out or uneditable, this is because you have used a manual input.

To fix this, you must "reset manual inputs" for the assumption (example below)

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