There are two main ways to add starting capital to your model - feel free to use either options.

Option #1 - Injecting starting capital manually

  1. From within Sturppy, click on the πŸš€ Project tab

  2. Under the "Project" panel, add your starting capital amount

🚨 This starting capital will be reflected in month 1 of your model and can be noted on the Balance sheet under πŸ’΅ Cash

Option #2 - Adding starting capital via a founding round on the Cap Table

  1. From within Sturppy, click the 🍰 Cap Table tab

  2. Click "New Round" at the top right and add a funding round

  3. Go through the process of adding a founding round and add cash under the "initial investment" portion of the round builder

For more on Cap Table, please see Cap Table basics

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