Adding custom KPIs

How to edit KPIs and add new ones from scratch

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By default we create some custom KPIs for you...but you can go wild and create even more if you'd like.

Here's an example πŸ‘‡

How to create custom KPIs

  1. From within Sturppy, click on the πŸ”₯ KPIs tab

  2. Hover your cursor over either a KPI that you'd like to modify or one of the placeholder Custom KPI panels until the (+) symbol appears

  3. Move your cursor over the (+) symbol, and click the data source option

  4. Click the "Add new node" button at the top left

  5. By default, the "Unique" Node houses a few default KPIs:

    1. CAC

    2. Cash balance

    3. Gross Burn Rate

    4. Net Burn Rate

    5. Gross Margin

    6. Gross Margin (%)

    7. Income Before Taxes

  6. If you'd like to use one of these pre-built defaults, click the "Unique" node to add one to the KPI flow editor

  7. You'll also want to add a formula node and an output node

  8. Connect the nodes together like so to pass the Unique Node through to an Output Node

  9. Navigate back to the KPI section, hovering the graph again, this time clicking the Chart UI icon

  10. Rename the KPI, Select the series value, choose a Graph Type, Palette or custom Color like so (as you can see, the KPI is updated) πŸ‘‡

You can build extremely complex KPI calculations by creating your own flows. To learn more about how to use the flow builder I suggest checking out this article.

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