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Cloning a Model / Project
How to clone a model / project
How to clone a model / project

How to clone a model or project. Does it cost money to clone a model? When should I clone my model vs. create a scenario?

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๐Ÿšจ NOTE: Before you consider cloning your model / project, you should consider whether or not adding a new scenario to your model would satisfy your most cases adding a scenario is what you need. Check out this article on scenarios!

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Why / when would you want to clone a model?

Cloning a model clones the entire project, this includes any pre-existing scenarios associated with that model / project.

Cloning models is mostly utilized by our Consultant Pro and Agency Max clients. They use cloning if they want clone a model template they've created and then transfer ownership of that clone to a business owner.

If you're on a Founder plan it might make sense to clone a model if:

  • You want to completely modify a model, add new scenarios, etc. WITHOUT affecting an existing Project

Does it cost money to clone a model?

Short answer; it depends on your plan.

If you're on a Founder plan, yes it cost money. Your Founder plan consists of 1 modeling workspace. When you clone your model you're essentially creating an identical but new modeling workspace. Cloning a model on a Founder plan cost $45 per clone.

How to clone a model

  1. Login to Sturppy, navigate to the ๐Ÿš€ Project tab

  2. From the top right hand navbar, click the "clone model" button

  3. Boom, you've done it! You've cloned your model :)

  4. You can rename the cloned model from the same ๐Ÿš€ Project tab

  5. You can switch between your models utilizing the drop down menu in the top of the navbar

  6. When you clone a model, it clones the ENTIRE project, including any existing scenarios you've created for that model.

If you run into issues or need additional support, use the live chat and someone from the team will lend a hand!

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