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Sturppy Plus (Live data integrations)
What is Sturppy Plus? Getting Started
What is Sturppy Plus? Getting Started

All about Sturppy Plus, Live integrations, Create live models. Connect to Xero, QuickBooks, etc.

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Sturppy Planning vs. Sturppy Plus: What's the difference?

It's important to distinguish between our two products; Sturppy Planning and Sturppy Plus. In this article we explain the differences in pricing, capabilities, and what type of users can benefit from each.

About Sturppy Planning

Who is Sturppy Planning for? Sturppy planning is great for early stage businesses that might not have significant revenues or expenses yet. Typically these users primary use case is to build a financial model to be used for an application to an accelerator/incubator, to raise funding, to participate in a pitch competition, apply for a loan/grant, or simply get a better understanding of the economic potential of a business. Sturppy Planning automatically creates your 3 financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cashflow statement), and allows you to forecast revenues, expenses, and growth, based on manual assumptions. Everything in Sturppy Planning can be exported to a spreadsheet or shared via a live link. Sturppy planning can be used by individual businesses or by consultants/advisors/business coaches/accelerators to assist their clients and portfolio companies.

Sturppy Planning is priced at $237 for the lifetime founder plan model. With Sturppy Planning there are no monthly fees associated with the software license. You'll receive all future updates and have access to live chat and email support. For more info on Sturppy Planning visit our Pricing page here.

๐ŸšจThe main difference between Sturppy Planning and Plus: Sturppy Planning DOES NOT integrate with live data sources like QuickBooks or Xero. It's a static planning tool driven by manual inputs and assumptions... and it's amazing for the use cases outlined above!

About Sturppy Plus

Who is Sturppy Plus for? Sturppy Plus is great for growing businesses with existing revenues, expenses, and basic accounting infrastructure already in place. In addition to fundraising as a use case, the benefits of Sturppy Plus become much more strategic and operationally focused. Sturppy Plus was built with the intention of being a CFO copilot for Founders. Sturppy Plus users typically are venture backed or have $10K+ in monthly revenues. Sturppy Plus users use Plus to automate budget vs. actuals reporting, advanced what if analysis, monitor up to date runway / cash burn, AI forecasting future revenues and expenses, etc.

Sturppy Plus DOES integrate with live data sources, in fact you can't use Sturppy Plus without live data sources integrated (that's what Sturppy Planning is for!).

Currently Sturppy Planning has integrations with: Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Shopify, and supports manual imports of CSV and XLSX files. For our latest information regarding integrations please reach out to our team via email at [email protected].

How much does Sturppy Plus cost?

Sturppy Plus pricing starts at $99/mo and increases based on the a company's total monthly expenses. This is calculated by taking an average of the last 3 months prior to the current date.

How to upgrade your Sturppy Planning account to a Sturppy Plus account

To upgrade your account, shoot us an email at [email protected] or setup a free 20 min demo call here.

What systems does Sturppy Plus integrate with?

Currently, as of March 1st, 2023 we integrate with the following systems:

  • QuickBooks

  • Xero

  • Spreadsheets (xlsx or csv uploads)

  • Shopify

  • Hubspot

Planned integrations (coming 2023):

  • NetSuite

  • Sage Intacct

  • Google Analytics / GA4

  • Apple's App Store Connect

  • Android (mobile data)

  • Amazon

  • Gusto

  • Salesforce CRM

  • BambooHR

If you have an integration request email [email protected] with your request!

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