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How to add a sub account in Sturppy
How to add a sub account in Sturppy

How to add a sub account to a consultant Pro account / how to invite sub accounts / how sub accounts work. Sub-account, Subaccount

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Who has access to create sub accounts?

Our Consultant Pro & Agency Max accounts have the ability to create sub-accounts within Sturppy.

What are sub accounts?

Sub accounts are independent project workspaces that can be created by Consultant Pro & Agency Max accounts.

A Consultant Pro or Agency Max account admin can create a sub account and invite an outsider to join that sub account within Sturppy for free.

Sub accounts have the same permissions and features as our Founder plans.

Once a Sub account invite has been accepted that sub account invitee can invite their others to join their sub account.

By default sub accounts are limited to building one model.

🚨Note: Consultant Pro and Agency Max admins have FULL access to all sub accounts associated with their account. They can view, access, and edit models created by their sub accounts.

How to create a sub account and invite someone to join

Steps for Consultant Pro Admins

  • Login to Sturppy

  • click "Sub accounts" from the left nav bar, then click the "Manage" tile

  • Click the (+) symbol to add a new row to the invite table

  • Add the email of the user you want to invite

  • IMPORTANT: Click Save after adding them to the invite table

  • The user will automatically be sent an email link from [email protected] prompting them to sign up and join as a sub account...if you'd rather, you can also copy the URL from the top "Manage" tile and share a sign up link. NOTE: You must add the user to the invite table for the URL to work

  • Once the invitee has accepted and signed up the invite email table will be updated to "Accepted"

  • Once that user has accepted and the sub account is created, they can create their own model and/or you can transfer a model you've created on your admin account to the sub-account.

How to transfer a model to a Sub account

  • From within your Sturppy account, use the breadcrumb drop down menu from the top of your home screen to select the model you'd like to transfer

  • Once you've selected the model you'd like to transfer, click on the 🚀 Project tab from the left nav bar, then click the transfer button at the top right and select the sub account from the drop down list

  • NOTE: The drop down list will only contain the names/emails of sub accounts that have "accepted" their invite and have signed up

  • After clicking "Pass Ownership" the sub account owner can refresh their browser and select the model from the breadcrumb dropdown menu

How to Access /Edit a Sub account's model

  • Click on the "Sub Accounts" tab from the left nav bar

  • Use the search criteria to search for the model you want to access

  • Click on the model from the available models

  • When you click on a sub account model, you essentially "become" that user, you have full access to view/edit anything within the model.

Sub Account Limits

For Consultant Pro users, yes there are limits to the number of sub accounts you can create. By default you can create up to 10 sub accounts. Additional Sub account credits can be purchased

To purchase additional sub accounts hit the "Settings" button at the bottom of the left nav bar and click on "Addons", from there click on the "Sub Accounts" tab.


  1. Q: Can Sub Accounts create more than one model within their project space?

    1. By default they can only create one model, you as an admin can transfer a model to their account and that does not count towards their model limit.

  2. Q: Can I use Sub Accounts to just give someone access to just one or a few of the models I've created on my account?

    1. No. Sub accounts are independent workspaces, they are not a way to manage internal view/edit permissions. You could in theory create a sub account, then transfer your model ownership to would have access to view/edit it but once ownership is transferred, you cannot reclaim ownership of that model within your main account.

  3. Q: Can I delete a sub account?

    1. Yes. To delete a sub account, click "Sub accounts" from the left nav bar, click the "manage tile" and click the (-) symbol next to their name. NOTE: this completely DELETEs the users access and any models attached to that sub account users account...with great power comes great responsibilities 🕷

  4. Q: What's the difference between a collaborator invite and a sub account?

    1. Collaborator invites allow you to add admins to your internal account...these users can delete, view, edit any model or any sub account model. Sub accounts ONLY have access to models attached to their sub account project space

  5. Q: Can Sub account users access models I've created on my account?

    1. No

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